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ABX Express is a leading courier and logistics company based in Malaysia, with a strong presence in Southeast Asia and a growing international network. ABX Express has built a reputation for reliable and efficient delivery services and is constantly expanding its capabilities to meet the needs of its customers. One of the key ways that ABX Express serves international customers is through its wide range of delivery options.

ABX International Tracking Online:

ABX Express offers both air and sea freight services, as well as a range of express delivery options for urgent shipments. This allows customers to choose the most suitable and cost-effective option for their needs. In addition to its delivery services, ABX Express also offers a range of value-added services that help to streamline the shipping process for its customers. These services include warehousing, e-commerce fulfillment, and freight forwarding. This means that ABX Express can handle all aspects of the shipping process, from pick-up to delivery, making it easier for customers to get their packages to their destination.

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Another way that ABX Express serves international customers is through its focus on technology. The company has developed a range of tools and systems to make it easier for customers to track their shipments and stay informed about the status of their packages. This includes a user-friendly website and mobile app, which allow customers to view the current location of their packages and get updates on delivery status. Overall, ABX Express is committed to providing high-quality services to its international customers and is constantly looking for ways to improve and expand its offerings. Whether you need to send a small package or a large shipment, ABX Express has the experience and resources to get your items to their destination safely and on time.

ABX Express International Services:

Experience the convenience of ABX Express’ wide range of international services. From air and sea freight to express delivery options, ABX Express has the solutions needed to get packages to their destination safely and efficiently. Plus, with our value-added services like warehousing and e-commerce fulfillment, ABX Express makes the shipping process even easier.

Abx International Shipping:

When it comes to international shipping, ABX Express is your one-stop solution. Abx Express handle everything from the pick-up to delivery, making it easy for you to get your packages to their destination.

Abx Real-time Parcel Tracking:

ABX offers advanced international tracking tools to help you stay informed about the status of your shipments. Our Tracking Website is user-friendly that allows you to easily track your packages and receive updates on their delivery status. This means that you will always be aware of the location and estimated arrival time of your packages.


1. What countries does ABX Express deliver to?

ABX Express delivers to a wide range of countries worldwide.

2. What delivery options are available for international shipments?

ABX Express offers a range of delivery options for international shipments, including air and sea freight as well as express delivery options.

3. Can I track my international shipment with ABX?

Yes, abxtracking.online enables you to track your international shipments in real-time.

4. Is there any size or weight limits for international shipments with ABX?

ABX has the size and weight limits in place for international shipments to ensure safe and efficient delivery.

5. Does ABX offer insurance for international shipments?

Yes, ABX offers insurance for international shipments at an additional cost. This can provide added peace of mind and protect your package in the event of any unexpected issues during transit.

6. Does ABX provide customs clearance for international shipments?

Yes, ABX can handle customs clearance for international shipments as part of its services.

7. Are there any additional fees for international shipments with ABX?

There may be additional fees for international shipments, such as customs duties and taxes. ABX can provide more information on these fees and assist with the payment process.

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